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Forex No Deposit Bonus AGEA

Forex Bonus 4star
Spread 5star
Support 5star
Trading Software 4star
Product Range 3star
Regulation 4star

Agea (formerly Marketiva)offers a $5 bonus without any deposit requirements, just for opening an account. Because the minimum position size at Marketiva starts at 1 dollar (yes, you're reading that right) and max leverage is 100:1 a pip can be as small as 1 dollar cent. So if you keep it cheap in the beginning, your $5 will get you 500 pips of trading room; not bad at all! Real free forex money. 

3 simple steps:

Bonus Details

  • There are no withdrawal restrictions for this free forex money, so if you want to take your $5 to buy a sandwich, nobody will stop you.
  • Only one account per household will receive the bonus. 

How To Get The Forex Bonus

Marketiva has a download only trading platform called streamster. Unfortunately for mac users, this is a windows only platform. So if you have a mac you cannot trade at Marketiva yet. 

For Windows users it's pretty simple: 

  • Open account 
  • Download software
  • $5 bonus will be added to your account, ready for trading

About AGEA

AGEA has been in business since 2003 (only it was called Marketiva until 2012) which is quite long for an online forex broker. They are regulated by the FSC and are known as a quality forex broker that is particularly welcoming to new traders. We also think it's great that there is no minimum deposit and that you can start trading positions as small as $1. This way you really get the time to learn the trading business without risking thousands of dollars. 

Another advantage of AGEA is that their spreads are typically low. the spread on the EUR/USD for instance is normally 2 pips, whereas the industry standard is closer to 3 pips for small account holders. Just like other quality brokers AGEA has guaranteed stop/losses, protecting you against slippage. 

The only real disadvantage as far as we're concerned is the relative small number of currency pairs that you can trade (20) and the absence of commodities and stock trading, which is getting so popular at forex brokers these days. But if you're looking to learn forex trading you don't really need to trade the SEK/JPY, you need to learn about the majors and perhaps 15 other currency pairs. :) 

All in all, a great forex broker to start your forex trading career. The no deposit forex bonus they're offering is much more than a teaser, because you can open positions for $1 and work with pips of 1 dollar cent. So you really don't have to make a deposit immediately when you have this free forex money. 

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AGEA Summary



  • $5 bonus without having to deposit yourself
  • Has been around for years, FSC regulated
  • Positions start as small as $1
  • Very good customer support
  • Very welcoming to beginner traders

    How to get forex bonus AGEA

    1. Go To Agea
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    2. Open account  

    3. $5 Bonus Will Be Added to Your Account! 
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