Forex brokers and bonuses for mac

Forex brokers & bonuses for mac

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Nowadays there are many forex brokers that offer a forex bonus available for mac users. Below is a list of brokers that offer a bonus, along with their "mac friendliness". There are a couple of things to consider though.

Java based trading platforms for mac

First, there are no forex brokers that offer a downloadable trading platform for mac. Instead, many brokers offer a java based version of their trading platform, which can be used by Apple OS computers and Linux platforms, as well as windows based PC's. 

Strangely enough, not every forex broker that has a java based platform clearly advertises it and sometimes it isn't even mentioned in the steps you're following while creating your account. Sometimes the broker simply offers you a link to its -windows only- downloadable platform, leaving mac users to fend for themselves. But with some looking around on the website you'll find it, at least for the brokers mentioned in the list below. 



Forex Broker Mac Friendly   Platform Review Start Trading

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  java based platform review start trading 

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  Metatrader 4  review start trading 

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  Metatrader 4 review start trading 

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  Not for mac review start trading 

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  java based platform review start trading

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  java based platform review start trading 



Metatrader 4 on mac

Some forex traders favor Metatrader 4 as their trading platform. Because there is a growing number of brokers that support MT4, forex bonus whores especially like to use the MT 4 trading platform, because it enables them to clear bonuses at different brokers while trading at the same familiar platform. 

However, there is no official mac version of Metatrader 4. It is possible to use MT4 on your mac, but it requires some steps. (how to use Metatrader4 on mac

Forex bonus for mac

All forex bonuses offered by the brokers are tied to either your first deposit (forex deposit bonuses) or the creation of your account (forex no deposit bonus). It's never about having to trade on a specific trading terminal.

So when it comes to getting a good forex bonus there is no difference between using a mac or a windows PC, as long as the broker offers a java base



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