Forex bonus whoring with a small trading capital

Forex Bonus Whoring with a Small Trading Capital


Forex bonus whoring is for all trading capitals, but there are several forex bonuses that are particularly well suited for trading bankrolls of $200 or less, just as there are bonuses that go better with a bigger trading bankroll. There are several reasons why it's important to choose a bonus suited for your trading capital. to list a couple:

  • The relative worth of a forex no deposit bonus of $25 ('no deposit' means you don't have to deposit any money yourself to get the bonus) is a lot bigger when your trading capital is $100 instead of $10,000. 
  • Brokers typically offer a one time forex welcome bonus when you deposit for the first time. The bigger your deposit, the bigger the bonus. If you can only deposit $100, it might be better to wait until your trading capital has grown a bit. That way, you can deposit more, in order to receive a bigger bonus. 

If your trading bankroll is still in its early stages, the bonuses below are the best ones to start with. After the no deposit bonuses, the deposit bonus of eToro is the best one to go with if you're still a forex beginner, because their trading platform is very customer friendly. After that, move on to the other forex instant bonuses.


Forex Broker Bonus  Info  Review Get Bonus
marketiva $5

No Deposit Necessary

Bonus Review  forex no deposit bonus marketiva
fbs $5

No Deposit Necessary

Bonus Review  get forex no deposit bonus FBS
etoro up to $1,000

Bonus Immediately Available

Bonus review

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