Forex Bonus Whoring with Average Trading Capital

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If your trading capital is $500 or more you can skip the budget bonus whoring.  Instead, you can profit from the big forex deposit bonuses that are immediately available upon deposit. Below, we've listed the most profitable forex bonuses for average trading bankrolls.

See the bonus reviews for each bonus for more information about the bonus clearing requirements.  For more on the best way to bonus whore as a forex trader, see our forex bonus whoring tips





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Forex Bonus Whoring with a Small Trading Capital


Forex bonus whoring is for all trading capitals, but there are several forex bonuses that are particularly well suited for trading bankrolls of $200 or less, just as there are bonuses that go better with a bigger trading bankroll. There are several reasons why it's important to choose a bonus suited for your trading capital. to list a couple:

  • The relative worth of a forex no deposit bonus of $25 ('no deposit' means you don't have to deposit any money yourself to get the bonus) is a lot bigger when your trading capital is $100 instead of $10,000. 
  • Brokers typically offer a one time forex welcome bonus when you deposit for the first time. The bigger your deposit, the bigger the bonus. If you can only deposit $100, it might be better to wait until your trading capital has grown a bit. That way, you can deposit more, in order to receive a bigger bonus. 

If your trading bankroll is still in its early stages, the bonuses below are the best ones to start with. After the no deposit bonuses, the deposit bonus of eToro is the best one to go with if you're still a forex beginner, because their trading platform is very customer friendly. After that, move on to the other forex instant bonuses.


Forex Broker Bonus  Info  Review Get Bonus
marketiva $5

No Deposit Necessary

Bonus Review  forex no deposit bonus marketiva
fbs $5

No Deposit Necessary

Bonus Review  get forex no deposit bonus FBS
etoro up to $1,000

Bonus Immediately Available

Bonus review

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Forex Bonus Guide

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This forex bonus guide will help you find the best forex bonuses. Forex trading is rapidly increasing in popularity and so is the number of brokers that offer a forex bonus as an incentive to trade at their platform. Even professional forex traders are starting to realize that an instant forex bonus is nothing to sniff at. After all, it's free forex money, you don't have to do anything for it but deposit.


An increasing number of forex traders is 'broker hopping' aka 'bonus hopping'. Going from broker to broker, depositing, scoring a forex bonus, clearing it and moving on. This can be extremely profitable for succesful traders, whereas for beginning traders it can mean the beginning between making money and losing money.


The brokers themselves are fine with this, in fact welcome it, because they need people trading at their platform and of course they hope you'll stay a little while longer after clearing the bonus; or come back when there's a new bonus.


Forex bonus hopping is not always easy though, because conditions for each bonus vary. It's not only about how big the bonus is, but also what you have to do to clear it and what broker offers it. That's where our forex bonus guide comes in. 


With the forex bonus 101 guide we want to help you spot the best forex bonuses and the best way to go about it when it comes to bonus hopping. Aside from this list we offer various other forex bonuses on our site, but the list below is a stepping stone made up of the very best ones. Simply move down the list as you clear a forex bonus.






visit etoro

etoro review

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  • Up to $1,000 bonus upon first deposit
  • Bonus immediatly available
  • Create account - Choose 'Trade for Real' - Deposit - Bonus will be added to your account immediately (see eToro Review for more bonus details)
  • 10 mini lots needed for each $10 in bonus
  • Submitting a withdrawal request before clearing the bonus will cancel the bonus. 
  • Bonus does not expire


eToro is generally considered one of the best forex brokers for beginners. This is because their interface is very user friendly. Clearing the etoro bonus is pretty easy.


The bonus is instantly added to your account, but only with your first deposit. eToro does occasionally offer a forex reload bonus but too infrequent to count on it.


Because the eToro trading platform is so comfortable for beginners and the relative easy clearing requirements for the bonus, eToro is the best place to start when you're depositing with a forex broker for the first time. 


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Bonus Easy to Clear v sign



Immediately Usable v sign




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visit review

download markets


  • 20% deposit bonus, up to $2,000
  • Bonus immediately added to account
  • Create account - choose 'Open Live Account' - Download Market Trader (or use Java trader with Mac) - Deposit- bonus instantly added.
  • Trade 1 mini lot (1/10th of standard lot) for each $1 in bonus
  • Withdrawing before clearing the bonus will cancel the bonus
  • Bonus does not expire


If you have a bit of trading capital, is a great place to get a big forex bonus. 20% up to $2,000 immediatly usable for trading is a very good offer.


The bonus is also relatively easy to clear, with only 1/10 of a standard lot position needed for $1 in bonus. (same as eToro) 


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Big Max Bonus v sign



Immediately Usable v sign



Easy to Clear v sign






visit fbs

fbs review

download fbs


  • Unlimited Reload Bonuses, until you have received a total of $10,000 in bonus money
  • Each bonus is a 25% deposit bonus
  • Each bonus is immediately added to account
  • Create account - Download the FBS Trading Platform - Deposit- bonus instantly added.
  • Trade 1 lot for each $3 in bonus to clear the bonus
  • Withdrawing before clearing the bonus will cancel the bonus
  • If the amount of your own funds become less than the bonus, the bonus will be cancelled
  • Bonus does not expire


FBS is a great broker for regular players because of their reload bonuses. They're also a reliable broker, because they're FSA regulated (British financial watchdog) 


The bonuses are relatively easy to clear and you can start with as low as a $5 deposit and work your way up from there. 



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Immediately Usable v sign



Reload Bonuses v sign



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Forex Bonus Whoring Tips

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Bonus hopping from broker to broker can be very lucrative, but there are a few tips to consider to increase your chances of success with a forex bonus. For instance, it makes a difference whether you start with a trading capital of $200 or one of $2,000 (or perhaps you don't even have any trading capital yet and still want to start trading forex). Follow these bonus tips and you'll do better.





1 Start with the best bonuses for your trading capital

A forex bonus is almost always immediately available for you to trade with. Most brokers offer a forex bonus as a percentage of your first deposit, for instance '25% up to $1,000'.

So if you deposit $400 you would get $400 + $100 (25% of $400) = $500 in your account.

But since most brokers only offer one forex bonus, namely a first deposit bonus, it pays to deposit as much as possible when you deposit. So if you're only just starting out, it would be smart to get the forex no deposit bonuses first, and then move on to bigger things. 

If you have a small trading capital ($200 or less) see our budget bonus whoring suggestions 

If you have a normal trading capital ($500 or more) see our premium bonus whoring suggestions

2. Know the bonus details

Even though you can -in general- immediately use a forex bonus for trading, that doesn't mean there are no strings attached to the bonus. No forex bonus can be withdrawn immediately (at least we've never heard of one) you always have to clear the bonus first before you can withdraw it.

More importantly, some brokers state in their T & C that any withdrawal before clearing the bonus cancels the bonus. Others have a rule that a bonus will be cancelled when the total funds in your account are below the original amount of the bonus given.

Read the forex bonus reviews at ForexBonusFree for the bonus details (we discuss them for each broker we review) so you don't accidentally waste your bonus for nothing.

3. Know the bonus clearing requirements

Bonus clearing requirements are the conditions that have to be met before you can withdraw / cash out the bonus. You can immediately trade with the bonus, but you can't cash it out immediately. (this makes sense, otherwise you could simply take the brokers' money and run, without even trying out their trading platform)

Generally, you'll have to trade a certain amount of lots / mini lots for each $10 / $1 in bonus. You have to know clearing requirements, so you can keep track of how much lots you still have to trade to get the bonus. We list the clearing requirements for each bonus in the bonus reviews.

4. Don't focus too much on the bonus

One of the most common errors committed by bonus hoppers is focussing on the bonus and forgetting to trade profitably. You should never view the bonus money as your only goal. Instead you should see it as an extra source of income, on top of your trading profits. Or, if you're still a beginning trader, something that can pay for your losses.

If you only look at the bonus and open positions just to meet your clearing requirement you won't do yourself a favor. Remember you don't have to trade badly to clear a bonus.


5. Research intra day trading strategies

Even though you should not focus on the bonus alone (see tip 4) that doesn't mean you shouldn't look into ways to trade that are both profitable and lightning fast in clearing a bonus.

Obviously it's easier to clear a bonus with a trading strategy that is founded on opening and closing lots of positions within a small period of time than with a carry trade strategy that requires you to hold on to a position for 6 months.

Now, if you happen to be a carry trade specialist and that's what you're good at, by all means stay with it. But if you're not that set on any particular strategy, it pays to know that an intra day strategy that can only just beat the spread can be turned highly profitable when turning to bonus hopping.

6. Don't be too greedy

If you can never clear the bonus, you really don't have much use for it. The goal is to trade with the bonus, clear the bonus, cash out the bonus and move on.

If you've deposited $10,000, got $2,000 in bonus and then start trading with micro lot positions where 1 pip = 10 cents, you'll have to trade a very long time to clear the bonus. You should look at your normal lot size and try to get a bonus that can be relatively easy to clear given that lot size.

As a bonus clearing rule of thumb, the broker will want you to trade 1 mini lot (1/10 of a Standard Lot) for every $1 in bonus. So if you know of yourself that you trade about 10 mini lots per day, you can clear about $10 in bonus per day. If you'd get a bonus of $2,000, it means you'd be trading 200 days before clearing it. In some cases that can be ok, just make an estimate about how long it will take you to clear the bonus you're about to get.


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