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The Best Forex Bonuses

On this page we list the best forex bonuses of the moment. Basically there are 2 kinds of bonuses, the forex no deposit bonus and the instant deposit bonus. For a no deposit bonus you don't have to deposit anything yourself first. An instant bonus does require a deposit, but these forex bonuses are also a lot bigger than the no deposit ones. Each deposit bonus  shown here will be deposited into your account right away by the broker. So take your pick! Or multiple picks :) 


Forex Bonus Top 10


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 20% extra up to $2000   

review get your bonus 9.7
etoro logo
mac25px 10%-25% extra up to $1,000 review get your bonus 9.3
fbs usflag25px
25% extra up to $10,000 review get your bonus 9.0
mac25px 10% extra up to $1,000 review get your bonus 9.0

$5 no deposit necessary review 

get your bonus

forex broker avafx
mac25px up to $1,200 extra review get your bonus 8.9
forex broker instaforex usflag25px
30% extra on each deposit review get your bonus 8.7
forex broker 4xp
mac25px 30% extra up to $10,000 review get your bonus 8.6
forex broker marketiva usflag25px
$5 no deposit necessary review get your bonus 8.6



Forex Bonus Top 10 Explanation

US friendly brokers

After the adaption of a new law, brokers have to abide by many more rules in the U.S. than before. Leverage ratios have also been brought down substantially, making it much harder for small traders to participate on the forex. As a result, many brokers have stopped serving U.S. clients. Many forex bonuses are therefore out of reach for U.S. clients. The U.S. flag icon is shown when a broker is still U.S. friendly.

Mac friendly brokers

Some forex brokers have chosen to use the trading platform Metatrader exclusively. Altough this is a popular trading platform, it is not suitable for Mac OS. (it is possible to use Metatrader with a Mac, but this requires some work). Therefore, in those cases where the forex broker only offers Metatrader, we label it as a mac unfriendly broker. When a Mac icon is shown, this of course means the broker is mac friendly. 

How much forex bonus you will get

For the no deposit bonus this is clear. After creating your account, you will get the bonus that is shown in the list. For the instant deposit bonus (a.k.a forex welcome bonus) it depends on your deposit. In the example of, the best broker in our opinion, the exact amount of the bonus would be calculated as follows: suppose you deposit $500, will then add 20% of that amount, $100 to your balance, for a total of $600. You can immediately trade with that $600. The max forex bonus offers is $2,000, for which you'd have to deposit $10,000. 


Note: unless it is clearly stated otherwise, you will only get a bonus percentage over your FIRST deposit. 

How do we arrive at the rating

The broker ratings at ForexBonusFree are not exclusively based on the forex bonuses that are offered. Of course they play an important role, but we also look at if and how the broker is regulated, what kind of trading software it offers, what kind of trading products the broker offers, how easily the forex bonus is traded free etc. For a complete review of the broker, simply click 'review' in the list. 


The reason we chose as the best broker is because not only is the 20% bonus rapidly given, this broker is also regulated by the British FSA, very user friendly and offers a wide range of trading products. 


If you have questions about a particular forex bonus, please do not hesitate to contact us.