Forex bonus guide

Forex Bonus Guide

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This forex bonus guide will help you find the best forex bonuses. Forex trading is rapidly increasing in popularity and so is the number of brokers that offer a forex bonus as an incentive to trade at their platform. Even professional forex traders are starting to realize that an instant forex bonus is nothing to sniff at. After all, it's free forex money, you don't have to do anything for it but deposit.


An increasing number of forex traders is 'broker hopping' aka 'bonus hopping'. Going from broker to broker, depositing, scoring a forex bonus, clearing it and moving on. This can be extremely profitable for succesful traders, whereas for beginning traders it can mean the beginning between making money and losing money.


The brokers themselves are fine with this, in fact welcome it, because they need people trading at their platform and of course they hope you'll stay a little while longer after clearing the bonus; or come back when there's a new bonus.


Forex bonus hopping is not always easy though, because conditions for each bonus vary. It's not only about how big the bonus is, but also what you have to do to clear it and what broker offers it. That's where our forex bonus guide comes in. 


With the forex bonus 101 guide we want to help you spot the best forex bonuses and the best way to go about it when it comes to bonus hopping. Aside from this list we offer various other forex bonuses on our site, but the list below is a stepping stone made up of the very best ones. Simply move down the list as you clear a forex bonus.


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  • 20% deposit bonus, up to $2,000
  • Bonus immediately added to account
  • Create account - choose 'Open Live Account' - Download Market Trader (or use Java trader with Mac) - Deposit- bonus instantly added.
  • Trade 1 mini lot (1/10th of standard lot) for each $1 in bonus
  • Withdrawing before clearing the bonus will cancel the bonus
  • Bonus does not expire


If you have a bit of trading capital, is a great place to get a big forex bonus. 20% up to $2,000 immediatly usable for trading is a very good offer.


The bonus is also relatively easy to clear, with only 1/10 of a standard lot position needed for $1 in bonus.


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  • Unlimited Reload Bonuses, until you have received a total of $10,000 in bonus money
  • Each bonus is a 25% deposit bonus
  • Each bonus is immediately added to account
  • Create account - Download the FBS Trading Platform - Deposit- bonus instantly added.
  • Trade 1 lot for each $3 in bonus to clear the bonus
  • Withdrawing before clearing the bonus will cancel the bonus
  • If the amount of your own funds become less than the bonus, the bonus will be cancelled
  • Bonus does not expire


FBS is a great broker for regular players because of their reload bonuses. They're also a reliable broker, because they're FSA regulated (British financial watchdog) 


The bonuses are relatively easy to clear and you can start with as low as a $5 deposit and work your way up from there. 



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